Latchford Lady, Jenny Jackson wins her regional pageant and will be representing Cheshire in the Grand Final of Miss England in July.

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Jenny Jackson has now officially been crowned Miss Cheshire. From the Latchford area, Jenny Represented Warrington in the final at the Park Royal Hotel earlier this year.

Jenny, 21, stated ‘I am completely overwhelmed and excited about being crowned Miss Cheshire 2017 and I hope to do everyone proud’. Jenny has been involved in various charities including Variety, the children’s charity, in which she fundraised almost £500 in just a few weeks, whilst undertaking full time work and studies. Jenny is currently fundraising for Beauty With a Purpose, a charity set up by former Miss World in aid of supporting disadvantaged young children all around the world.

Jenny is also keen to get involved in the local community, both Warrington and Cheshire as a whole. She’ll be attending as many local events as possible and aiming to snap up volunteering opportunities.

The Grand Final will be held on the 14th July at Resorts World Birmingham, where 50 girls across the UK will compete for a range of awards, one of which is the Miss England title. ‘I am excited to be part of something so challenging and charitable’, she says, ‘I’m treating it more as a chance for personal growth and an amazing experience rather than a competition’. Miss Jackson would like to emphasise how the competition isn’t at all ‘catty’ or full of girls trying to outdo each other. ‘It truly is a lovely environment, full of friendship and a lot of fun. No one here is fierce or overly competitive, it’s a great supportive culture and no matter who wins the awards, we will all be happy for them’.

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