One Stop and thats the 'Bus Stop' on London Road

Everything from a wide selection of Beers and Spirits to a great selection of food from hearty breakfasts, weekend lunch and tasty snacks while you enjoy a local brew.

Replacing the old bike repair shop, Bus Stop is a brand new restaurant, cafe & bar that quietly opened its doors last Friday in Stockton Heath. Situated on London Road at the bus stop opposite St Thomas's Church, the London transport themed bar & cafe adds an element of contemporary lifestyle and living to an already established purple flag winning Village.

Owners Gaz & Dena Nightingale and Si & Maria Cowell have really created something very quirky and unique to the village's reputable bar and restaurant scene. Even the decor is themed to match the London Transport upholstery. The reason behind such a theme is to do with the location, being out side of a bus stop on London Road. This is also how the Bar/Restaurant got its name. Owners Gary & Simon, prior to opening the 'Bus Stop' have been fitting out bar restaurant's all over the UK for years with their company GS upholstery and wanted to bring something different back to their local village Stockton Heath. The great new addition to the bar and restaurant scene means more choice aswell as creating something more original than your standard bar or restaurant.

The laid back approach that the owners have taken, means you can enjoy your favourite drink without having to wear your favourite evening dress. The relaxed atmosphere makes you feel at home and is a great place to meet up with friends at the start of a night out.

We particularly recommend their own brewed larger called 'Bus Stop'. Unlike many other local brews, the bus stop has a very smooth taste that goes down a treat and like premium beers, it maintains its fizz. Why not enjoy a beer in their back garden while the sun is out? 

Feel Free to check out this great London Transport themed bar, restaurant & cafe. All The Best to Gaz & Dena and Si & Maria Cowell,  'Bus Stop' Bar, Cafe & Restaurant from the So Stockton Heath team.


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