Personal Trainer Phil Kivell Talks to us about a form of training called Calisthenics. It's taking the nation like a Storm!

Personal Trainer Phil Kivell is the only Trainer in Warrington providing purely Calisthenics. Book a consultation now! 07456776677

Personal Trainer Phil Kivell is giving people in Stockton Heath and surrounding areas a chance to take advantage of a form of excercise known as Calisthenics. This form of training and excercise uses only body weight.  He explains to us: 'Calisthenics is in my eyes the ultimate form of exercise as you build real functional strength and movement patterns which your body is naturally designed to do.  You can build a great physique, learn new exercises shed pounds of body fat and improve balance and posture'.

Calisthenics are in essence, excersises consisting of a variety of gross-motor movements; often rhythmical and generally without equipment or apparatus. They are, body-weight training and are intended to increase body strength, body fitness, and flexibility, through movements such as pulling or pushing oneself up, bending, jumping, or swinging, using only one's body weight for resistance; usually conducted in conjunction with stretches. When performed vigorously and with variety, calisthenics can provide the benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning, in addition to improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination.

Personal trainer Phil Kivell can provide Individuals and groups training to be able to perform advanced calisthenics skills such as muscle ups, bars spins and both front and back levers. It is documented that Sports teams and military units often perform leader-directed group calisthenics as a form of synchronised physical training (often including a customised "call and response" routine) to increase group cohesion and discipline. Calisthenics are also popular as a component of pysical education in primary and secondary schools all over the globe.

In addition to general fitness, Calisthenic exercises are often used as baseline physical evaluations for many military organisations, such as the  U.S Army Physical fitness test and the U.S.M.C Physical Fitness Test.

Phil Kivell is the only personal trainer in the area to use purely Calisthenics! This would be great for those who would like to explore how to train the body without strenuous weights or machines.

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