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So Stockton Heath Online Magazine Lifestyle Magazine for Stockton Heath & Surrounding Areas

So Stockton Heath Online Magazine:

So Stockton Heath Online Magazine is a Lifestyle Magazine dedicated to Stockton Heath & surrounding areas.

We provide Hyper Local News to the Residents, Workers, and the people who socialise & party in Stockton Heath. There is a wide range of pubs, bars & restaurants in the area.  As Stockton Heath has recently been awarded the Purple flag award. It has attracted 100's more visitors, making it a thriving little village. New businesses are opening here everyday.

It is on these merits that So Stockton Heath Online Magazine became into existence. We are here to cater for the Community aswell as to promote the activities in Stockton Heath & surrounding areas. We run articles on events in and around Stockton Heath, mainly for our readers. This helps publicise Whats on!, local businesses, lifestyle & living. It also helps the community to grow and network amongst each other by attending events in the area. This allows people, businesses and events to become noticed by our readers and subscribers who from Stockton Heath and surrounding areas such as Appleton, Walton, Grapenhall, Thelwall, Lymm, Latchford and the City centre. 

If you didn't know Stockton Heath is a cival parish and a leafy suburb of Warrington, Cheshire, England. Located to the north of the Bridgewater Canal and to the south of the Manchester Ship Canal.  This is the fundamental border that divides Stockton Heath from Latchford and north Warrington. It has a total resident population of 6,396.

Stockton Heath

Stockton Heath Village:

Victoria Square marks the centre of Stockton Heath, situated on the crossroads between the A49 and A56. Until the 1970s, the Victoria Hotel stood on this square. The original location has seen to redevelopment and to the north of the square is the main shopping area. This includes the Forge Shopping Centre, developed on the site of the old forge (Caldwell's). Stockton Heath is packed with shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants, as well as traditional public houses. The 'Red Lion' Inn dates back to around the early 19th century and the 'Mulberry Tree' on Victoria Square, opened in its present building (replacing an earlier premises dating from 1725) in March 1907.

Since 1988, most of the village centre of Stockton Heath has been designated a conservation area to preserve its character. There is however, been redevelopment work with several new bars and restaurants moving into the central part of the village of Stockton Heath, around the London Rd area.

Stockton Heath

So Stockton Heath Online Lifestyle magazine:

So Stockton Heath Online Lifestyle magazine has come about to promote the suburban culture, that has grown in the leafy suburb of Warrington. It covers the Latest News, Whats On!, Lifestyle & Living, Community, People, Property & Motoring. We currently have 4000+ Readers and subscribers visiting our Online magazine monthly. Our online magazine also allows businesses to promote with us for Free in our Online Business directory and/or with banner adverts and articles (costs are incurred with advertising).

To feature in an article costs between £25.00 and £125.00 depending on word count and use of images. We have some great Social Media Marketing packages to promote your article successfully with us. We Also choose to report on particular stories in Stockton Heath. This usually does not cost if its about your business, idea etc. Its a luck of the draw!  All charities are free to get in touch and we will happily promote your charity or event for free! (Non profit charity and events only)

So Stockton Heath Online Lifestyle Magazine is part of the 'So' Brand, owned by a company called 'Local Editor' and is powered by a software called 'Press Glue' There are a nuber 'So' branded online lifestyle magazines dotted around the country. These include: 'So Cheshire' 'So Hale' 'So Knutsford' 'So Altrincham' 'So Sale Town' 'So Marbella' & more...

Contact us for more information about advertising. Please bare in mind we have 5000 individual IP addresses visit us a month & 2000 Subscribers. We also do a 1000 flier campaign around  stockton Heath & neighbouring Villages.


Tel: 0755 655 6675

So Stockton Heath Online Lifestyle Magazine is dedicated to the Local areas and if you feel that we have missed something please get in touch. If you would like to join the So Stockton Heath Team, feel free to get in touch. We are looking for keen Writers, Reporters & people with an understanding of the area.

We have rescently been involved in an interview with Stockton Heath Radio. Here is the link. It is very detailed in formation about how we came about. Enjoy :)

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