Save our Green Belt!

Warrington Borough Council has developed plans which could see thousands of homes, a major new road and dozens of businesses built on our protected Green Belt. The Postal code WA4 area will be most affected.

*If you live within the WA4 postal code, there has been a group set up called ILoveWA4.

Warrington Borough Council are placing a bid to make Warrington from a large town to city status. In its bid to do so, many of the greener parts of the town are being developed to create homes and businesses. Unfortunately the plans involve building on our protected Green belt. The dramatic changes will mainly affect the WA4 area with a proposal of 22,260 homes over the next 20 years. The plans also include building offices, shops  and buildings mostly on Green Belt Land. There also talks of a 'garden city suburb' in the Grappenhall and Thellwall area. To make all that viable they are looking to build a dual carriagway accross the ship canal at Latchford and along the much loved 'Trans Pennine trial'. This will have a massive affect on life in particularly in the WA4 area. Traffic will become worse and pollution also. Schools, colleges, hospitals and health services are struggling to cope with today's demands. The council are talking about providing more fascilities, however it is not clear what fascilities they are looking to provide. existing property prices could be affected and views that homes in the area benefit from could be lost altogether.

If you want to object to these plans you can start by reading them.

  • You can also get in touch with the 1loveWA4 action group, contact the parish council or borough councillor (Cllr Ryan Bate)
  • email: before the 29th September
  • Write a letter to: Planning Policy Team, Warrington Borough Council, New Town House, Buttermarket St, Warrington, WA1 2NH
  • There will be a Mass Protest outside Warrington Town Hall on the 16th October.
  • you can also spread the word to your, Neighbours, friends, work colleges and Family.

Save our green belt and save our town frm over development, traffic and noise pollution.

Find out more:

  • Google search for "Warrington Council option 18 preffered development" to read the plan
  • Contact Warrington Borough Council on 01925 44 33 22 to find out where you can inspect a paper copy. They can also tell you how to get in touch with your local councillor.
  • Search facebook for "objection group Warrington development" a Facebook page set up by local residents.

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