Isabelle Warburton makes Stockton Heath wall of fame after winning Big Brother

Last month Big Brother revealed the winner of the 2017 series to be Isabelle Warburton.

From a Saucy strip tease to arriving late in the house, Isabelle Warburton was announced the winner of the civilian series of Big Brother. She beat fellow housemate Raph to take home the victory. Isabelle became the shock favourite of the show after making a late arrival at the end of June.

Fans were thrilled to see her win after she slowly gained popularity after her saucy strip tease involving a water bottle weeks ago.

One person said: "First year in ages the housemate I wanted to win has WON." Another person added: "I love Raph! Isabelle is a very worthy winner for the first time in years!"

The blonde bombshell said regarding her win: "I genuinely can't believe it.

Speaking about her time on the show: "Thank you genuinely so much, it's such a confidence booster. I appreciate it so much."

Accusations were made regarding the show to be fixed as Emma Willis slipped up and accidently messed up two of the housmates names.

Following Andrew's eviction interview, Emma said: "Goodbye Tom," as he left the stage.

The slip-up didn't go unnoticed by viewers at home, who immediately took the mistake as a sign that she show is fixed.

So Stockton Heath Digital Magazine caught up with her at her family and friends party. While talking to members of her family including mum and sister Katherine, it was interesting to see how down to earth the family really are and regardless of any accusations of Big Brother being fixed, So Stockton Heath would like to congratulate Isabelle Warburton on her win. All the best for the future.


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