A working group of councillors and local residents is on the lookout for interested parties who could share the site as part of a “co-location” scheme.

Stockton Heath Library Working Group is looking for not-for-profit organisations who are willing to rent space within the library building whilst retaining as much of the current, core activities of the library as possible.

The Working Group in Stockton Heath met on Monday 24th April, providing an opportunity for local councillors, members of the community, LiveWire themselves, and other interested parties to give their input. We wish to work closely with the community, library users and Livewire to develop a strong business case which will secure the future of this service at the heart of our village.

As part of this, we are open to, and would welcome, approaches from social enterprises who may express a desire to share the use of the library building. We are very keen to explore this option further and willing to look at how the building can be used more flexibly to enable community -minded organisations and businesses to rent space within the building. Extra income generated would go straight back into the library, ensuring that we maintain a traditional library presence in Stockton Heath for the benefit of all South Warrington residents.

We want to hear from any organisations, or social enterprises who think that “co-locating” within the library building is something that they may want to consider. At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest as we simply want to cast the net as far and wide as possible to see who is out there and how we can work together.

This is a great opportunity for the library and the local community. We are seeking innovative, sustainable ideas which will develop the library further in terms of how the building can be used, a possible extension of opening hours and the introduction of commercial/social activities that will complement and develop a community facility serving South Warrington.

The next meeting is on Monday 15th May. If you are interested in this commercial, community opportunity, please contact Cllr Sharon Harris on 07814 153398 or email for a preliminary discussion as soon as possible.



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