Local News Bulletins

Summary of news in the area.
  • Incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour including nuisance calls; youths on a roof on London Road; refusal to pay at a restaurant; abusive youths on seating at the Red Lion; a small fire and youths playing music at Alexandra Park; youths on bikes at the Forge and West Avenue (letters have been sent with regard to these biking incidents) 
  • Several concerns for safety on Gaskell Street, Grappenhall Road, Whitefield Road, Ellison Street, Leonard Street, Ackers Lane and London Road. 
  • Road Traffic Collisions – car and cyclist on Hunts Lane – bruises sustained by cyclist; scratched car on Ellesmere Road and incidents in the Forge car park and on London Road. 
  • Traffic incidents – Fixed Penalty Notices issued for parking issues on Cawdor Street; reports of erratic driving on Belvior Road and London Road; obstructions to roads as a result of Storm Doris on Ellesmere Road, Egerton Street, Fairfield Road and London Road 
  • Thefts have occurred - theft from a narrow boat off London Road; shed break in on West Avenue; shoplifting incident at Sainsbury’s and theft of a bicycle from the Forge car park; VRM plates were also stolen from a car on Ellesmere Road. 
  • Burglary of a cycle from a garage on Ellesmere Road and an attempted break in to a dwelling on Westbourne Road. 
  • Several incidents of persons acting suspiciously including Denbury Avenue (where vehicle details have been logged); the Medical Centre, M&S at the Forge, Victoria Square, Whitefield Street and Warburton Road, Carlingford Road and Carlisle Street.
  • It was noted that the planning application for 180 homes in Stretton was passed by the Development Committee on Thursday 23rd February 2017. The HCA applications for 400 houses at Grappenhall Hays and 370 at Appleton Cross have now been submitted.

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