Local Lady has been awarded' Miss Cheshire Elegance! 2016/17'

Beth Trainer has been awarded Miss Cheshire Elegance 2016/17. This prestigious award follows making the qualifying finalist for Miss British Isles Elegance 2016/17.

Warrington Lady, Beth Trainer, who is known for all her efforts raising money for charity aswell as owning her own Children's entertainment company called 'Magical Memories', has been awarded the title of Miss Cheshire Elegance 2016/2017 in November 2016 before entering the Miss Northern Elegance Competition. She then became one of three finalists to go on to become a qualifying finalist for Miss British Isles Elegance 2017.  

When we caught up with Beth and she told us that:

'It all started with a small daydream I had dreamt about a few years ago about making a positive difference. I have always been a humble person and I saw it as a dream to become bigger, but I didn't know where to begin until I realised... it had already began. Everything and anything is a dream before it becomes a reality. With a dream you have to see it, take it, live it, love it, cherish it, value it, and then put it into practice. My dream was and still is to make a positive difference, to be a worthy role model, and to inspire. To be inspired is great, to inspire is even greater.'

Beth Trainer 'Miss Cheshire Elegance 2016/17

                                       Miss Cheshire Elegance 2016/17 - Miss Beth trainer

As well as Modelling, and volunteering her time to worthy causes such as Warrington Children's Ward & St Rocco's . She has donated hundreds of pounds worth of toys and her time to Warrington Children's Ward and helped to raise money for St. Rocco's Lantern Walk.  Beth inspires all women to know that 'beauty isn't only skin deep as it is about being a good person inside and out.'

Warrington Children's Ward

Beth also runs her own successful business with the help and support of her hometown of Warrington, The Mayor Faisal Rashid, her partner Matthew Dempsey, her younger Brother Jacob Trainer, family and friends, and all of her fabulous followers!

                                                   The Mayor faisal Rashid & Miss Beth Trainer

Above all this, it is her charity work that really caught our attention. She cut her hair for the Little Princess Trust, a charity dedicated to providing specialist real hair children’s wigs. This was very brave of Beth as she was known for her signature 'Rapunzel' long hair. She is now working very hard to become Miss British Isles Elegance 2016/17 as she is a qualifying finalist for the final, which is in June 2017.


Beth Trainer has a great character and care for the community. She has been known to do some amazing things for the local community aswell as charity. good luck to her 'Miss British Isles Elegance 2016/17' competition in June this year.  We end this article with some great words form Beth.

'Finally I have found the time I wanted to reflect on my Miss British Isles Elegance experience so far, and I now know more of why I was meant to be here... To be part of a terrific team of ladies who are all so beautiful inside and out! Since getting to know you it has been a blissful blessing. My journey would not have been the same without you!'

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