Stockton Heath's Couples Holiday Hell is undergoing a full Investigation!

Investigation has been launched after Stockton Heath couple's holiday hell in Crete!

A couple from Stockton Heath have contacted a legal firm to investigate their holiday from Hell! One of them was left facing hospital treatment for a severe form of food poisening called 'Campylobacter'.

The couple, William and Leanda Kidley, booked an all-inclusive holiday to Crete, through a travel agent that can't be named for legal reasons, and spent a week at  a  three-star resort in August 2016.

The break however, took a turn for the worse when William began suffering 'flu-like' symptoms and nausea towards the end of the holiday. When he arrived back in England, he visited his GP and was admitted to Warrington Hospital, where he underwent a series of tests that confirmed he was suffering from 'Campylobacter'  a common causes of severe food poisoning. Directly resulting from his symptoms and his admission to hospital, William, 58, was forced to take a week off work, as a transport support manager.

William and Leanda, 55, have now instructed expert international personal injury lawyers to investigate the cause of the illness.They have also informed their legal team of a number of hygiene concerns they had about the resort. The lawyer Clare Pearson is representing the couple's dispute with The travel Agent..

Clare Pearson said: "Clearly William and Leanda have been left extremely frustrated and angry by their holiday experience. Campylobacter can have a significant impact on victims and the last thing William and Leanda expected when they booked this holiday was for one of them to end up in hospital and being forced to miss work as a result of illness"

"We have now launched our own investigation into the food safety and hygiene practices in place in the hope of helping William and Leanda understand what caused William's illness.It is pleasing to note that the tour operator has indicated a willingness to work with us and has admitted liability subject to Mr Kidley proving that he was ill on holiday from staying at the hotel."

Leanda said the pair were 'disappointed by the standard of food' provided. "This disappointment turned to anger when William began to feel ill and was later diagnosed with Campylobacter."He suffered terrible symptoms when we landed back home.The last thing we ever expected when we booked the holiday was for either of us to end up in hospital going through tests to find out exactly what was wrong"

She Added:

"We hope the investigation into the problems we suffered with determine the cause of the illness William suffered and ensure that any issues are corrected so other people don't have their holiday ruined like we did."

The travel agent has confirmed discussions with the legal firm are ongoing.

A spokesman said: "Nothing is more important to us than the safety and wellbeing of our customers and we will always work with our hotel partners to investigate any sickness or incidents reported while on holiday.

He ended with:

"We are in discussions with the Kidley’s solicitors on their claim."

So Stockton Heath Online magazine wish William and Leanda Kidley all the best with their law suit against the travel agent.

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