Stockton Heath Primary School pupils raise more than £4,000 for Cancer Research

Stockton Heath Primary School pupils raise more than £4,000 for Cancer Research.

Pupils at Stockton Heath Primary School have been praised for raising more than £4,200 for Cancer Research  in a charity spelling bee.

The Pupils at the school, tested out their spelling ability during the charity fundraiser and were praised by the Teachers on their outstanding performances.

A grand total of £4,218 was raised. The charity's Warrington team went down to collect a cheque and Katie Hesketh, Cancer Research UK's fundraising manager for Warrington, highlighted the importance of the team effort.

She said: "We'd like to thank all the children and staff at the school for raising such an amazing amount. Every day 110 people are diagnosed with cancer in the north west alone. We receive no Government funding for our groundbreaking research, so money raised by supporters, like Stockton Heath Primary School, is crucial to help us beat cancer sooner."

She goes on to clarify,

"Research has led to an improved understanding of the biology and causes of cancer. This in turn has led to discovering better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease. With continued support from people in the region we can find more cures faster to help even more people survive."

All the Best to Cancer Reseach UK. Feel free to make a donation at their Warrington branch & Weldon to the Pupils at Stockton Heath Primary School.

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