Dressing the part at Stockton Health Nursery as young ones start their pre-school journey

PROUD young children at a nursery have been showing off their new uniform to Stockton Heath.

Stepping Stones Day Nursery, on London Road, has introduced a free uniform for pre-school children to wear daily to nursery.

It appears to match the nursery practitioners' clothing and has been launched as an aid to help children start their pre-reception journey.

Staff at the nursery are certainly confident it will prepare the kids for their journey to the next stage of education.

Jaimie Delooze, senior nursery practitioner of the pre-school room, implies: "The children love coming into nursery wearing the uniforms now.

"They have been saying that they match their friends and are very proud to show off their uniforms to all our parents and visitors."

The 48-place nursery located London Road, which has currently been open since July last year, caters for children aged up to four.

Following an Ofsted inspection on August 12 it has received a 'good' rating, with staff praised for 'high levels of care and emotional support'

The uniform is currently a green, collard polo shirt complete with the nursery logo.


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